Trottla - Paedophile Shin Takagi who makes child

Trottla 貧乳ラブドール TPE製人形販売中

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Trottla What is

Trottla What is

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Trottla 貧乳ラブドール TPE製人形販売中

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Trottla What is

11 Sex Dolls That Will Terrify You to Your Core (NSFW)

Trottla What is

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Anatomically correct doll

Trottla Anatomically correct

This Japanese Businessman Wants To Sell Childlike Sex Dolls To Paedophiles

They are sold via Japanese firm Trottla to paedophiles across the globe• And if you're somehow craving more, scroll down and get ready to sensually gaze into the dead, glassy eyes of the creepiest sex dolls in the universe.

  • Loli dolls are still legal in most US states expect Florida, T ennessee and Kentucky.

  • These dolls have detailed depictions of all the primary and secondary sexual characteristics of a human: "oral and anal openings, ears, tongues, , and hands with individual fingers" for all and a ", and " for each of the women and a " and " for each of the men.

  • According to Takagi, his dolls save children from sexual abuse, and his clients — mostly men living alone — write and thank him for that service.